Where Retail Goes to Die

Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
A while ago I discovered a place around here that buys everything left over after a retail store goes out of business.  It even has an entire floor full of creepy mannequins.  The building is a huge warehouse jam packed with old fixtures, jewelry cases - even hangers.

There wasn't a whole lot of old advertising but I did find some hard styrofoam letters.  Thank god Amanda plays Words with friends because there was just a jumble of letters I didn't know what to do with. She came up with "Loco", which is pretty appropriate I'd say.  With a bit of work, I thought it would look pretty awesome hanging above a doorway.

So we spray painted.  Right on our unruly lawn.  The letters were originally orange, so we spray painted the front side blue.  I was originally going to paint the whole piece blue, but it looked so awesome with just one side painted and the orange poking out.

For $2 a piece, I'd say they look pretty great.

Even better when not surrounded  by unmanicured grass.


  1. Ange said...
  2. They are the perfect size for the spot you had in mind too. Nice score!

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. With a little squeezing they became "perfect" haha :)

  5. Blair said...
  6. what store is it? :)

    p.s. love the letters!!!

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