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Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
 Oh hey there blog world.  Sorry for abandoning you the past couple of weeks.  I'm still alive and have been crafting every day- sometimes most of the day.  Here's what I have been working on:

Eight sets of buttons (one of which I sold at the craft fair!!)

 Close up.  Amanda spent a long time designing the packaging for these.  Thank god she knows something about photo editing software because I was just going to throw them at people as they walked by.

The only circular buttons I have tried so far.  The only reason why these ended up being circular is because I fucked up an edge so badly that it would never resemble a square again.  Works for me.
These weren't too big of a hit at the Hand to Hand - but at least I sold one set.  I was absolutely terrified I wouldn't sell a single item.  So thank you  (all 5 people)  for buying something on Saturday. You have done wonders for my self esteem. Especially because those 5 people weren't my Mom.  Sick!   Next show, shooting for 6 items sold.  Go big or go home friends.

Speaking of the craft fair, in the haze of it all it seems that I completely forgot to take pictures. Bad, bad blogger.

We recently bought a wet saw to make some larger items out of china, maybe some coasters? How about 4 fingers? We'll see how it goes. 

Now I can't take credit for the next item at all, but damn isn't this cool?
 Tshirt yarn.  Made of old cut up Tshirts and hand dyed by this lovely  lady.  Makes a wonderful and cool (I'm speaking of temperature here but we all know how hip cowls are right now) The only part I can take credit for is vacuuming up the Tshirt snow.  

If you don't know what Tshirt snow is consider yourself lucky.  It is a rare phenomena that occurs only when using a rotary cutter to slice Tshirts into strips.  It's a bitch to vacuum and gets everywhere.  

Next on the list of things I spent way to much time making: Needle Felting Snail Packs.  I sold 2! Count em' 2 Snail Packs!

Packaged in the chicest of chic, these fine packs include everything you need to needle felt this ridiculously useless item!  But look at their awkward, crooked eyes! Just plucks my heart strings.

 Everything that is included inside the pack, displayed proudly on my porch.  Try getting this shot on a windy day.  Not easy.  The brown wool is unprocessed.  It came from a lovely sheep named Dutch, we bought his fleece last year and it gives the snail that wonderful earthy look all you fucking hippies love.

Eat your heart out hippies.


  1. Melanie Ellsweig said...
  2. your packaging for the buttons is AMAZING!

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. It was all Amanda, I just threw in a few ideas here and there. I should have taken a picture of the back, it has a neat story about how they're upcycled.

  5. Anonymous said...
  6. Beth i LOVE the snail...he is sooo cute! You should do a MONKEY one :) I keep telling Amanda how talented of a blogger i think you are!!
    *blair* -aka- Amanda's Wall-mate/Cowl Photographer

  7. Bethisboring said...
  8. Thanks Blair. I think I might be able to come up with a Monkey but I want it to have bendable arms and legs to hang on to stuff. Let me think on how to do that and then it's all yours.

  9. Anonymous said...
  10. Beth, i was advised that you could needle felt on to pipe cleaners to create the bendy arms and legs.(please refer to Amanda's pipe cleaner stash) What's even better than a bendy Monkey? A bendy Monkey holding a banana!

    p.s. fantastic ice creation! Cograts on the 365 blog!! ...and oh yeah... great choice with the HK bookmark..thanks! *blair*

  11. Bethisboring said...
  12. Monkey is in the making Blair, you'll love it!

  13. Anonymous said...
  14. Yippeee Skippeee !!! sooo excited xoxo

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