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It's almost, sort of, kind of spring.  Sometimes it's 80 degrees and sometimes it's 45.  This means people everywhere are driving with their windows down and playing their terrible pop music at much too loud of a volume.  What is it about warm weather that makes people want to drive like idiots?

Aside from driving like idiots another American pastime is grilling highly processed meat products over some kind of heat source and drinking beer flavored water. Which brings me to today's creation.  The prompt for today is to create something using water.

 So I made ice.  That's right, ice. I made ice and I'm blogging about it.  But wait! It's not just ice, it's AMERICAN ICE! Who needs a tshirt that says Proud to be an American when you can just say it with your beverage coolant?

It's a shame I didn't get a picture of the white, it was the hardest to make.
 There she stands in all her glory, the greatest ice on Earth.
I wish I had a Bud Light to cool, but alas I am not that desperate.  

Also, hi everyone from Makesomething365! Thanks for checking out my blog! Please don't judge me that I made ice today!


  1. Ange said...
  2. I can't believe that you didn't show how to make the white ice! I don't need the blue directions because I am Canadian, but I NEED to know how to do the white.
    Actually, I think this was a fabulous idea. And yeah, it's 'just' ice, but it took quite a bit more that holding the tray under the tap to actually do it.
    I just caught up on your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. Your little chick in the egg is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. Thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

    Now if only I could figure out how to make ice in the shape of a chick...


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