Entrelac: The easiest thing to knit that looks really complicated

Posted: Tuesday, April 5, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring | Labels: , ,
I will be the first one to admit that I secretly (or not so secretly) love when people compliment what I'm knitting, especially other knitters.  It's flattering, there is no denying it.  Knitting something that looks extremely complicated but is actually really simple is even better.  Hence Entrelac.  It's seriously just increasing and decreasing.  If you're interested in learning how to do this start here.

This cowl was originally started because I had every intention of learning to knit backwards.  Knitting backwards would have really sped up this process, unfortunately I gave up.  Think of it like batting left handed, it just feels wrong.  Remember when you were learning how to knit and the needles felt heavy and awkward in your hand?  Times this by 100 and this is how knitting backwards feels, totally counter intuitive.  Maybe I'll try it again sometime, but not for now I'll stick with regular knitting.

Even though I didn't learn to knit backwards I did get a project crossed off my list.  A while ago I promised the first person to comment on this post a very special surprise.  That lovely person is my Aunt Stefani.

The cowl has two layers as you can see here.  One side is entrelac the other stockinette. 

As you can see here it was sewn with a twist in it so both layers are visible at the same time.

I know it's getting to be Spring time so this cowl is knit with a cotton blend to her neck at optimal temperature for necks.  Although I am not sure what the optimum neck temperature is I'm sure this cowl will keep it there.


  1. Ange said...
  2. Don't laugh too hard at me. Is a cowl something that you pull over your head? You know, as opposed to a scarf that you tie around your neck. I know what a cowl neck is on a sweater (I have a few) but I got a little lost reading your secret language of knitting.

    It looks very comfy. Aunt Stefani is lucky!

  3. fuzzyjay said...
  4. Keep at it. Learning to knit backwards will improve your knitting. But first, it will drive you crazy.

  5. Bethisboring said...
  6. Sorry for the jargon Ange. A cowl is exactly what you describe, essentially a short scarf. I have been on a bit of a cowl kick this winter because they are so much easier to wear than scares - they don't have as much bulk, plus it's a quick and easy knit.

    Thanks fuzzyjay. I don't think doing something like entrelac for the first backward knitting project was a good idea, might need to stick to stockinette for the first time.

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