I'll knit for your baby...

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
...but only if I like you.  Seriously.  Amanda and I have been talking about people's reactions when they find out that you're a knitter.  They always want something from you, especially if they are having a baby.  Lucky for my friends Eric and Chelsea I like them enough to knit for their baby without having to be asked.

I had some leftover sock yarn that I got for my birthday last year, the perfect amount for a tiny pair of socks.  I used the High energy baby booties pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It has a lovely picot edge that I love!  Such a nice touch to add that extra bit of fanciness!

 There are still a couple of months left before baby girl comes but these are ready now so that I can make more.  I'm at the stage in my life where everyone is getting married and popping out a kid so I figure I should get a stash of baby items going. So if I like you enough expect some baby booties or possibly a hat.


  1. Ange said...
  2. My Grandma had a stash of 'baby things' she had knit so she would be ready if she needed something. When she died, Grandpa saved everything and when I was pregnant (the first of their three grandkids to get married/have kids) he gave me a pink sweater and a blue sweater that Grandma had knit even though she was gone before I even got married. Both of my daughters wore both of the sweaters and I have saved them for my own grandchildren to wear someday. I hope your recipients (or their parents, I suppose) treasure your gifts like I treasure mine!!!
    Those are AWESOME socks. :)

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. What an awesome story. Gives me even more inspiration to be a "knit baby items hoarder" :)

  5. Ange said...
  6. *phew*
    After I posted that, I wondered if I babbled on too much.

  7. Blair said...
  8. ...such adorable fancy little socks!! .. a Fribee cat HAT would be equally as cute :)

  9. Bethisboring said...
  10. @Ange- I had a huge long comment typed up and then something happened and it disappeared. The gist of it was: Thats an adorable story that makes my heart hurt and smile and the same time and made me happy to be a knitter.

    @blair: I am thinking more and more about this cat hat. It's in the works.

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