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This week I had 5 exams.  Five.  That seems cruel.  After all that studying I was ready for some serious crafting.

I have been playing around with the buttons for a while now, but I'm still having problems drilling holes in them.  Even keeping the drill bit wet and using oil to increase the viscosity it's still a lengthy process.  Each hole can take up to 15 minutes to drill and sometimes you get to minute 14 and the button cracks in half.  So instead of going through all of this I have found button shanks.

I ordered them yesterday so we'll see how they turn out.  In the mean time I am busy preparing buttons to put on to the button shanks.

This is the plate I started with.  I use tile cutters to get smaller pieces.

As nice as the tile cutters are, it's pretty hit or miss. Certain pieces of china crumble more than others.  Luckily this plate is very thick and almost seemed like it wanted to be cut into a square.

The finished products.  I love the way the glaze created a border when I smoothed out the edges.  

In other news I got a haircut.  For a while now I have had what I assume can only be called a mullet.  I hadn't realized it had gotten so long.

So long in fact that I deemed it necessary to put it into a ponytail and then cut it.  I think it would make a wonderful Christmas ornament.  Or a terrifying Christmas ornament.  This is one for the scrapbook folks.

Ya'll have to keep me in check, I can't see back there!


  1. Stefani said...
  2. diamond bits--the kind that you use for drilling through glass--might be another trick for drilling through the china. :)

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. Do you know of anything stronger? I have already killed two of these. I seem to get about 10 buttons and then it's hosed.

  5. Cathy said...
  6. Your Pop Pop made a connection with the guy who installed our shower glass today. He uses the diamond bits for drilling tiles and has a special oil he uses to make them last longer. He said he would get you some :)

    Have to keep making those gorgeous buttons!


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