The Crane Train

Posted: Monday, February 7, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
Last weeks phonebook origami has inspired a marathon of paper folding.  In other words, I have gone crane crazy folks.  My friend Tristin is an origami genius and was so kind to share some of her knowledge with me.  It resulted in this:

A crane mobile!

By the end of the evening we had made two of these beauties with about 10 cranes each.  They are currently hanging out by the window catching what little light is coming through on this cold, rainy day.

First time making origami? Try this site.  They have both a diagram and animated instructions which makes it much easier to see what is actually happening.  All you need is a square sheet of paper to make a crane, any size will do.  If you're going to get really fancy they have origami specific paper.  This is one of my favorite papers in my stash.

Is that correct origami lingo? Papers? Stash? Or are those terms just reserved for pot heads?

Have you ever made a crane?  What about the U.S.S Enterprise? Well if you have, I want to see it.  If it's your first time, I want to see it.  Show me the origami people!


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. Saw your blog on the makesomething365 blog today, and came to check it out. You are funny and you make cool stuff, so I love it. This crane train is great! And I HAVE made a crane (but now I want to make a crane train)! It was my day one, and what inspired the rest of my 365 project (making a bird a day). Check it out-

  3. Bethisboring said...
  4. Awesome thanks for checking me out! You have to try the crane train, they make great (cheap!) decoration that has that "I paid $40 dollars for this at pottery barn" look.

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