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Day 10: Use water as your inspiration today.

You can only make two things with water: ice and steam.

So instead I used this as an excuse to add yet another pet to our home.  Meet Tuna, full name Tuna F. Stick.  The F of course stands for Fish.

 He is a betta with a bit of an attitude problem.  

Tuna is the second try at owning a betta in the past week.  Apparently if it's too cold in the house, the fish's water will be too. Unfortunately, he died before he could be named.  We gave him back to the sea in a proper burial ceremony.  (We flushed the dude)

But now it's smooth sailing with Tuna and I.  He's got a tank heater, bamboo and all the fish food he could imagine. Not to mention I kept the receipt so if this one bites the bullet I'm getting my money back.


  1. Anxiety Knits said...
  2. Get your money back? Let me remind you who has been funding all these fishes. Welcome to the family, Tuna!

  3. merinobird said...
  4. My Betta has three names too! Reginald P. Fabulous. The P is for pinstripe, because of his scales.

  5. Bethisboring said...
  6. I wish we could have a fish play date without the fish becoming very, very upset.

  7. merinobird said...
  8. Agreed. Reg can barely handle his reflection if he catches it in the tank walls. He just swims right up to it, puffing his gills frantically.

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