Sugar for Breakfast

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
So I have been sick the past week and therefore a very bad blogger. The only thing that I have built this week is a very high fever.  But before I caught the plague I was quite a busy beaver.  Day 5's prompt was to make something out of a collection that you have lying around your house.  I try to make it a point to not keep a bunch of stuff around, unless it's crafting supplies.  Somehow the craft table in my dining room has slowly grown outward and consumed my entire dining room. We have bins upon bins of yarn, unspun wool and completely unprocessed fleeces but I figured branching out and using something other than fiber wouldn't kill me.

Although jellybeans are not something I really collect, they're more like something I just happened to have a lot of, and I used them to make a very yummy creation.  I find nothing more satisfying than taking a handful of jellybeans and sorting them into piles and making flavor combinations.  It's like cooking dessert but a lot faster.  Every year I get one of those gigantic containers that has every flavor imaginable, although not boogers I was disappointed to find.  After eating countless juicy pears (which is by far the best flavor) I apparently still had food on my brain and made this delicious breakfast of a fried egg, banana and fresh, crusty toast with butter.

Here you can see the vast sea of jellybeans from which I had to choose from.

Unfortunately making this meant that I had to touch every single one of the jelly beans.  This is very unfortunate for anyone else who wants any jellybeans in my house.

I also finished another present for one of my Facebook friends.

This is a needle felted flower with a bendable stem for my friend Katherine.  She has known me since I was but a wee crafter making lots of terrible pot holders and paintings for the refrigerator.  I hope that this doesn't end up in the same drawer.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm dying for some comments over here folks.  In an effort to blackmail people into commenting on my blog I've decided that the first person to comment on this post will get a VERY special handmade treat from me. Don't be shy ya'll.


  1. Stefani said...
  2. yay for bloggers! yay for talented hands and creative brains! yay for jelly beans!

    (i'm related. does that disqualify me from the special treat?)

  3. Melanie Ellsweig said...
  4. I'm so mad that I can't eat jelly beans at your house anymore but I like the creativity and the fact that you branched out from fiber. Keep crafting my friend!

  5. Bethisboring said...
  6. Definitely not Stef you win!

    @mel thanks for being supportive even if it means no jellybeans for you

  7. Brigindo said...
  8. Blogging without getting comments is a little like spitting in the wind. Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm not a jellybean fan but I love the fried egg. b loves all things jellybean (or jelly bellys as he is apt to say) related but is not a fan of the juicy pear.

  9. Bethisboring said...
  10. I'll definitely be able to take all those juicy pears off his hands then...

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