Killing Trees in the Name of Art

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
Today's prompt is to make something out of paper without scissors or glue.  Who does that? Who sits down and says let me make something that a third grader could do in fifteen minutes and make it incredibly difficult?  Apparently I do.

I ended up making this boat.

It doesn't look like much but somehow this POS took me an hour to make.  How ridiculous. I just kept getting so frustrated that I couldn't just use some damn scotch tape. It's made out of two index cards.  About 8 more ended up in the recycling bin. I went through about 4 different ideas before I settled on the boat.  A hot dog, an ice cream cone, and a house all to end up with this boat.  

School started this week which means my winter craft fest is coming to an end.  I would love to say that I will be able to continue making things at the same rate that I have been but I know it's just not realistic. First class of the semester and I was 30 minutes late.  Thats completely appropriate for my last semester right? I think so even if my professor didn't seem to.

I still have three more people to gift something handmade to and I'd really like to get it done within the next two weeks so lets hope that school doesn't get in the way of life.


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