People Who Can't Drive

Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
Normally people who can't drive are the source of much aggravation for me.  If you have ever driven with me you know how serious my case of road rage is.  Hell, if you have ever ridden a bike with me you know how easy it is for me to lose my temper with cars.  But that's a story for another post.

The prompt for today: Take a 5 minute walk and use something you find while walking to inspire your creation.  So I walked to school, something I normally don't do simply because it takes too long.  Walking to class takes around 15 minutes and riding my bike takes roughly 2, not to mention the view on Lee Street isn't exactly the best.  That is if you prefer not to see the homeless man with the cart's ass. You know exactly what I'm talking about if you've ever walked down Lee St.

I found an imprint some asshole left when they drove on to the sidewalk.  Normally this would infuriate me, probably a little too much if I'm being honest.  I found it at the intersection of Aycock and Spring Garden, prime territory for college boys with too much testosterone to drive their gas guzzling SUVs.

It inspired this knit swatch:

I only used knits and purls to establish this pattern. Having never designed my own swatch before, this was actually quite a challenge for me.  To help me visualize what the swatch would look like when it was complete  I used this program.  It's a design your own chart program that was really easy to use and let me save the chart when I was finished - something I noticed other websites didn't allow me to do. 

I'm pretty please with how it turned out.  Not that it's a pattern I'll actually ever use, that is of course unless someone asks me for a sweater that looks like it's been driven on.  Until that day (which would be a really weird day) it will be the first swatch I ever knit without a pattern.

So here's to you asshole that drove on the sidewalk.  Thanks for inspiring my project today and I hope you didn't kill anyone when you were sliding around Greensboro in your overly sized vehicle.


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