White People Love Sweater Parties

Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | Posted by Bethisboring |
Which is why every year the fribee girls have an ugly Christmas sweater party, the most white thing you can possibly do other than wearing Ray Ban Wayfarers.  Extra points are given to the person wearing both at the same time. This annual party is where I met my lovely friend Scooze and it's also where I got the inspiration for today's creation.

A tiny beer sweater.  What could be more pretentious?

Not only is it a sweater, it's a turtle neck- the most pretentious of all sweaters. It has a Raglan sleeve, which means that the sweater is all worked in the round as opposed to sewing the sleeves in.

The prompt for today was to create something based on my favorite animal.  Scooze is definitely my favorite party animal.  He's the kind of gentleman that can pound two Four Lokos before you've finished sipping your overpriced microbrew.  Which is why he deserves a beverage sweater.  You can't expect a champion of his caliber to drink warm, underdressed and unpretentious beer.


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