Mr. Busy

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As a kid I probably spent a little too much time reading.  I can remember one of the first book series I actually read was BOB books.  Pretty typical "learn to read" stuff.  My world was turned around when someone got me a set of Mr. Men books.  These books are still hilarious to me.  Reading Mr. Rude, who has a French accent I might add, gets me rolling every time.

Lately I have been seeing lots of lame printed tee's with Mr. Grumpy or Little Miss Perfect on them.  There is nothing lamer than t shirts with things screen printed on them, yet it seems everyone loves these things.  I'm talking about the camouflage ones with the phrase "Hah! You Can't See Me Now!" on them.  Or a 4 year old wearing a pink t shirt that says "I <3 My BFF!!"  Somehow a whole generation of people have become so lazy that expressing themselves with their clothing style is out of the question.  Now we just print "clever" statements on t shirts and consider it self expression. Whatever happened to painting your finger nails black and putting on too much eyeliner?

Which brings me to today's project.  The prompt read: make a stencil and use it in your work today.  Having never made a stencil, seeing that I am neither an anarchist or a seventeen year old boy, this was all new to me and took quite a great deal of internet perusing.

Here are all the supplies that I used in the process.
An exacto knife, some plastic dividers and spray paint.

I found a new photo editing software, gimp.  It has features similar to Photoshop and it's free!  I used it to up the contrast on this image and make it black and white.
 From this:
 to this: 

After spending way too long doing that, I printed it out and stapled it on to a plastic divider.  I used an exacto knife to cut out the outline. It took me two times to get it right because I got a little knife happy.  It's harder than it looks! Those anarchist kids have some steady hands.

When I finally got it right it looked like this.

I tried it out on a piece of cardboard before abusing the sidewalks of Glenwood.

He is so busy.


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